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Medical Grade Skincare

The Lowdown

Expected Results

Improved skin condition

Treatment Time

Used at home daily

Down Time



Long term results with continued use

How does it work?

Medical grade skincare is a great way to address any skin concerns that you may have, and to see real positive changes in your skin. 

What does pHformula products have over other skincare products?

pHformula products have their very own patented delivery system to get the ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. 

Are pHformula products vegan friendly?

Yes. pHformula products are not tested on animals, nor do the ingredient suppliers test on animals.

Are pHformula products paraben as preservative free?

Yes. All pHformula products are paraben free.  

Do pHformula products cause congestion in pores?

No. All pHformula products are non-comedogenic.

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