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How to maintain your injectables with Nurse Lucy

1. Stay Hydrated

Hydration not only keeps wrinkles at bay, but helps maintain your results.

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water will enhance the water-absorption effect of hyaluronic acid based fillers, helping treated areas remain plump and wrinkle-free for longer.

2. Practice Good Skincare

Injectables will last longer for individuals who properly take care of their skin.

Choose skincare ingredients that stimulate collagen production and protect your skin from free radicals. A stronger skin structure helps prolong the effects of toxin and dermal fillers.

3. Avoid UV Exposure

The damage caused by UV light leads to inflammation. As your skin tries to heal itself, your Botox and fillers will also be broken down.

Protect your skin by using a high-quality broad-spectrum sunscreen, and wearing a wide-brimmed hat

4. Nutrition Matters

Sugar, processed and packaged foods all increase inflammation which directly effects your overall skin health.

Studies have shown that Botox efficacy is linked to zinc levels within the body. Many individuals tend to have a slight zinc deficiency.

Regularly taking a zinc supplement after your Botox treatment may prolong the effects.

5. Reduce Stress

In terms of the skin, high stress levels release cortisol and other hormones which accelerate the ageing process.

To extend the benefits of your injectables try to reduce unnecessary stress-inducers from your life while incorporating stress relief techniques like meditation and exercise into your day.

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Love Lucy x

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