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PROFHLIO - The treatment everyone is talking about.

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

With the harshness of winter everyone is looking for hydrated, glowing skin and there is one treatment on everyone's mind, Profhilo!

This treatment is well worth the attention. Profhilo is an award-winning, revolutionary treatment that deeply hydrates, lifts tired, dry, dull skin, and smoothes out fine lines.

I recommend Profhilo for everyone over 30, as that is when our natural collagen and elastin production slows down significantly.

PROFHILO - What is it?

Profhilo is an exciting and innovative treatment for hydrating, firming and remodelling the skin. It is made up of both high and low molecular weight pure high-concentration hyaluronic acid. The high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is for hydration and skin tone, whereas the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid has a biological role in stimulating skin cells to make more of their own hyaluronic acid and collagen. Profhilo also helps with supporting the fat beneath the skin creating a lifting effect and scaffolding like structure.

Profhilo is injected into the skin at 10 strategic points on the face. Everyone can benefit from Profhilo, regardless of age, gender or skin type.

Profhilo quickly disperses beneath the skin and leaves you with an even, rejuvenated glow without changing your face's structure or integrity. There is no downtime following the treatment and no anaesthetic required.

Profhilo is FDA-approved and contains no additives or stabiliers making it safe for sensitive skin.

What does this mean for your skin?

Profhilo boosts collagen and elastin levels in the skin which results in improved skin tone, texture, hydration and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines. After a Profhilo treatment, skin quality is improved making your skin look brighter, tighter and more hydrated.

This effect takes place within 3-5 days following the treatment. The treatment is administered over the course of two sessions, four weeks apart. Once results are achieved, the treatment can be repeated every three months to maintain the best results.

Profhilo can be used in combination with other injectables such as botulinum type A toxin and dermal fillers, or as a stand alone treatment.

Love Lucy x

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